The convenience of monitoring your home or commercial security system remotely from a computer has been available for several years. Today, you can also remotely monitor your system from your smartphone. For example, Apple offers several free iPhone applications, or “apps”, in its iTunes App Store for monitoring home and commercial security systems from iPhones.

Simply connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB connector, go to iTunes, click on “Devices”, then click on the “Apps” tab, select one of the security system monitoring apps, and upload it to your phone. You’ll then have the ability to monitor and control your home or commercial security system at the touch of a fingertip.

These apps let you use your iPhone to arm and disarm your security system, watch security camera video, see when windows and doors were opened and closed, and view a log of all events that were reported by the security system. Some apps even send e-mail or text message alerts to your iPhone if a garage door was left open, or a locked supply room was entered after business hours.

Beyond-the-Studs will work with you to select a home or commercial security system that meets your individual needs and budget. We can also provide advice on selecting the most feature-rich home monitoring application for your smartphone.